Thank you for Signing the Canberra Declaration

We welcome you to the Canberra Declaration community in the Name of Jesus.  Together we can take a stand for the future of our nation and our children.

In thinking about new believers growing in their faith, the apostle Paul wrote, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.  So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow” (1 Corinthians 3:6,7).

Our prayer is that God will grow a strong and vibrant community of Australian Christians who will rise up and take a stand.  The many challenges we face in Australia today need believers who will pray and act and step out in faith.

If we compare our community with a new forest of trees, we can plant and water the trees but it is God who makes it grow!


Please pray that God will grow the Canberra Declaration community for His glory.  By standing together we can be of greater influence than alone.  Your joining the Canberra Declaration community is important. Together we are making a difference!

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Together we are taking a stand for

  • extremely important freedoms,
  • very, very important people – many of whom haven’t been born yet,
  • marriage and family as the building blocks of a flourishing Australia, and
  • our nation and the future.

Thank you!
The Canberra Declaration Team

Please ask others to sign! Their voice matters too!

41 Responses to Thank you for Signing the Canberra Declaration

  1. Audery Long says:

    You are doing a great work so keep it up even in the midst of persecution. May the Lord continue to bless & use you for His Glory.
    I pray each & every day for our government & list all the names of the men who are involved in making Australia a more Christian Country. I am 86 yrs old & in an Aged Care Facility but do the best I can.


    • Thank you Audery. You can do a great thing by praying. Thank you.


      • George S Chamberlain says:

        My constant prayer for this country is to see what God has to say about such troublesome times. Read the Bible for guidance. Those who swear by the Bible yet never read it, are bringing damnation on all. One could quote so much about the matter of same-sex couples from the Scriptures, and what I read brings a chill. I am 86 years old, married for 64 years to my wife and would not change the God-given arrangement for anything.


    • LeHoa Lam says:

      I am standing with you in prayers too Audrey! May the Lord bless you richly! You are doing the most important job as a Christian in the Lord’s family – Pray for our Government! Thank you! I’m encouraged to read your comment


  2. Graham Cartwright says:

    Unless Christian’s learn to Advocate on Christ’s behalf; all will be gone…


  3. Lynette Rodrigues says:

    I feel sad to see how the world is going down the road to damnation. But all said and done if we parents instill in our kids the TRUE MEANING and indepth knowledge of what our Christian faith means and how we are to live according to God’s laws, we could make a difference. Let us continue to pray and let the HOLY SPIRIT kindle in us the fire of HIS LOVE.

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    • LeHoa Lam says:

      May the Lord bless you Lynnette! I’m standing with you in prayers for our nation and our future generations! May the Holy Spirit Who is in you empower you and guide you each day in prayer and refresh your heart with the power of His love 🙂


  4. Heather Cambridge says:

    Let’s restore Australia. Stand up! Be a nation leader. No more W.A.R. (World of Abnormal Rearing) Children – Our children are far too precious!!!


  5. Helen Marsh says:

    Please keep up the good work to the Glory of God and for the sake of modern society


  6. Grahame Abrahams says:

    It seems as if they are trying to wear us down over time. Praise you for keeping this before us all.
    It has amazed me in recent times that we are ridiculed for wanting to maintain Christian values, yet who designs marriage, GOD! Yet they want marriage which He designed, strange hypocrisy isn’t it.
    We need to stand firm and maintain God standards.


  7. Jean Sheehan says:

    IF gays want to enter into a contract let them call it something else, like Gay Union. After all even now they have rights within their relationship. Matters relating to death, Power of Attorney, Health decisions etc are all taken care of through legal avenues. So why has marriage got to be the way through which these rights come? It’s really like repeating the avenues open to them. Why destroy the marriage institution? It’s an honorable estate, ordained by God. But even if God were taken out of it, nature still dictates that only a male and female can procreate. Their cause is I believe aimed to show they have “the power” to topple the thinking of this world. And when we consider their numbers, it’s only half of 1% So it’s completely unacceptable that their cause should occupy so much of our energies and resources when it could be spent on far more pressing issues. The Media is the great evil of all and is continuing to hound the topic. I think Politicians have been too soft spoken in dealing with them. They should tell them off. But thank God that the majority of the LNP and others outside of it are holding to the real meaning of marriage. Good on Australia! We don’t have to follow the world especially when decisions are being made by the ungodly for an ungodly world. As salt and light, Christians need not rant and rave (as some have). Let us instead, be calm, pray, and repent for the Church that has failed in many ways, and let’s pray that Revival will start in our hearts first so that it will have a loving and sweeping effect on the world. You guys are doing an amazing work. God Bless you all.


    • Cyril Muller says:



    • LeHoa Lam says:

      May the Lord bless you Jean for what you wrote! Hallelujah! I’ve been burdened to pray for the Spiritual Revival of the Australian Christian in particular and of Christians around the world in general! Yes, by standing together in prayer unitedly in spirit by the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit, God’s children can move mountain if we truly believe in our Almighty God and His promises!


    • Fiona says:

      Thank you for your comments! I stand with you.


  8. Leonid Anderson says:

    Same sex marriage is an evil idea that will destroy humanity. We have an example in history; Sodom and Gomorrah. God is the perfect Creator who designed marriage to be between one man and one woman. Let us stand firm for what is right.


  9. Arnold Henseleit says:

    If this goes through parliament then it cannot be termed as a marriage. It should only be called an agreement. Don’t destroy the sanctity of Holy Matrimony by using the word MARRIAGE…That is wholly reserved for a Christian union instituted by God himself….


  10. alison Donnan says:

    It is a sad situation; Biblically I believe same-sex marriage is wrong; naturally I am sickened. God is sovereign, we must cling on to that. We are in a hostile world.


  11. Jim Gallagher says:

    Why do humans come in 2 varieties of gender and not one? The continuation of the human race, from generation to generation depends on procreation and nurturing from a member of each gender. Ideally, this role is performed by a biological father and biological mother committing to a permanent relationship with each other and their conceived children. This is called marriage.This is obviously in accordance with nature, even if one does not have belief in God. This is marriage.
    2 persons of the same gender can not fulfil this role. It is an impossibility of our nature and bodies. The influence on child raising of the complementary roles of 2 parents is so subtle that know one knows all the consequence on successive generations by departing from this natural process.
    No parliamentarian is competent to know the profound consequence,in 2 or 3 generations from now on a radical, unnatural way of family raising. Who would dare to experiment with unnatural alternates to the time proven natural way of formation of persons?
    What is the benefit to society of initiating such an experiment, contrary to how we are made, of profound consequence to humanity. It seems the only benefit is to allow pairs of the same sex to form an exclusive relationship with each other, instead of with a partner of opposite sex and feel they should have satisfaction of raising children, with whom they can not have a dual biological relationship, nor provide complementary contributions to a child’s personality formation.
    A dangerous experiment for little ! The result is very likely a catastrophe for the human race of unimaginable proportion.
    What politician can conscientiously vote for taking such a risk to our future?


    • Gail Petherick says:

      Dear Jim

      I agree whole heartedly. God made male and female and took Eve from Adam’s rib to make him a help meet and someone whom he could have children with. Romans chpt 1 also makes it very clear that God will not tolerate any form of relationship except male and female relationships. Unfortunately our society has lost sight of God’s word, just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the end God allowed Abraham to intercede for the city but only Lot repented and Abrahams family. Today God still warns us through His word and we must heed it like you said if we want our society to be strong and I would add if we want to be spared from the wrath of God. Fewer fear God nowadays it seems that in the last several 100 years- we have made a rapid decline downhill and need to repent and to get back to worshipping the true God and reading His word, not making our own ‘god’ or idol. He is a jealous God who watches over His word to perform all He has promised and prophesied, for our good an for His glory.


  12. rixyrh says:

    Homosexuality, gay rights, same-sex marriage are all Evil. They are an abomination. As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so will this,this utter abomination be dealt the destruction it deserves! Those who practise such evil, thumb their nose at Almighty God and refuse to acknowledge the Sovereignty of Almighty God, for it is God who ordained marriage from the very beginning of time!! But, boy oh boy, do these people need our prayers. Thank you Canberra Declaration for your efforts in doing what you are doing.


  13. Tom siemer says:

    In the past when a nation turns from traditional values of a family one man and one women.It starts self destruct.Without acception.Please pollies don’T buckle under pressure who try to force their non family values on us.Africa has stood against same sex marriages.Kenya the main nation not to cave in when Usa or other western nations try to cause people to go against their conscience.Thanks Tony Abett for your grit keep on keeping on ! signed concern citizens Tom S millgrove vic3799


  14. Rev. Daniel Bosshard says:

    Once the foundations are destroyed the house begins to topple and fall. The next thing will be people wanting to be married to their pet! Why be married to just one partner, why not 2 or more? Where will it stop? What will happen to our nation and the world? I hate to think! May God open
    the eyes of the blind that they may see their own current situation (they have come into the world through a union between a man / woman). God’s blue print for marriage is the union that has existed for millennia. God created them male & female.


  15. Walter Finch Known as Wal, for Pam and Wal. says:

    All that has to be said appears to have been said , by the persons above.
    The cornerstone of family life is and always has been the stability of traditional Marriage between a Man and a Woman, that has a proven track record .
    Regardless of one’s religious beliefs.

    In the event that persons of differing or same sex persuasions need the acknowledgment of their partnerships , then there should be some other word of recognition of their commitment to each other. e.g. life commitment or partnership contract.
    Certainly not Marriage, which is, and always has been between man and Woman.
    Governments of all persuasions have sufficient things to attend to that are broken and not working, so why break something that is working fine since recorded time.
    The silent majority should have a louder voice to Parliament than the noisy minority.
    Wal Finch, for Pam and Wal Finch


  16. Gay Phillips says:

    Let us not become a nation like other nations a Sodom and Gomorrah. We are a Christian Nation land of the Holy Spirit . Let us continue to fast and pray for our Christian Nation. ” I pray for Australia I call her by name I present her to the Father in Jesus name. May she not be found naked may she not be ashamed when I stand before you dear Lord, in Jesus name.” Let this be our daily prayer!


  17. Don Pitkin says:

    It was Almighty God who ordained marriage. Genesis 1:27-28 And Genesis 2:24,”So God created Man, in the image of God He created him; Male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be Fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion–” . God gave dominion to male and female as a union.
    That dominion was not given to two males or two females in union. Therefore man’s dominion over the earth is not complete without male and female union. God did not give that authority to homosexual couples. Therefore we must use our authority in our God ordained relationships to petition our God to restore this world to His original purpose. He has given us that authority.


  18. Kevin Smith says:

    Redefinition of marriage would weaken the value of the meaning of marriage and serve to further erode long lasting marriages, just as no fault divorce did; I remember as a young person thinking how futile marriage is when there is such a high rate of divorce. Redefinition of marriage would cause people (particularly the young) to further question the value of marriage, as marriage between a man and a woman tending toward the creation of children is just one equal option among many for reproduction. This is poor teaching for our children whom we must care about. I refute any charge of bigotry, I reflect on what to give not what to take: man and woman join to ‘give’ new life to the world this fundamental ‘gift’ is not possibly without male and female.


  19. Dina Wood says:

    I am grateful for a voice that brings unity and gather together voices with the same convictions.
    There is strength in numbers.I pray that the Lord will be our help in time of need and that we will listen to His voice for instructions.


  20. Ruth Pringle says:

    Sadly the Church in general doesn’t have a voice today, so I am glad for those like yourselves and others like Fred Nile, Tim Costello. As believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to stand up and be counted for what we believe in. If ever there was a time it is now!!


  21. Leonie Edge says:

    It is my opinion that the reason Christianity has been devalued is that mainstream media hates us with a passion. They can still congratulate and push the Islamic agenda, and, of course, there is never any evil in Hinduism, Buddhism (or any other ‘ism’, except Creationism), witchcraft, and, of the religion of atheism (blessed be the Ego, may it live forever).

    So, we’ve been painted with the roughest of brushes, being religionistically described as stupid, racist (which should really be ‘religionist’, and I don’t know of a religion that does not claim exclusivity), hypocrites (same, again, in terms of non-exclusivity, and welcome to being Human), and, therefore, we are clearly NOT fashionable.

    What makes news? Bad news stories. Not the good stuff, about how Christians in every continent (except, possibly, Antarctica), and on every inhabited island where we are allowed, are helping people to survive, and, whenever they can, thrive.

    It is not Christians, though, that come to anyone’s mind when there are suicide bombers. And the paedophiles are as roundly condemned by the truly Christ-like Christian as much as any news commentator.

    Then we have the problems seen by the World with Hillsong International and what the T.V Pastors, in general, are earning or saying.

    And what is more fun? Standing, bored, or sitting, asleep, in a formulaic Church service, or watching/being involved in sex, drugs and rock and roll?

    Life goes on, but many seem to be hoping that Christianity won’t. It’s a mixture of guilt, anger (usually misplaced), lust and ego.

    I earnestly believe that our Lord is telling us to go back to Him and what is written in the Bible as to how to preach, how to help and how to love.


  22. Rev. Luoliehu Yimsung ( Yim ) says:

    Towards a Godly Australia …!! .. excited, honored & blessed . ” Radical & kingdom leaders and prayer the need of the hour ” … Let us stand up & stand our ground for Jesus together , Thanking Papa God for godly leaders even in politics like , Rev. Fred Nile , Geoff Bullock and others who really love this nation with the love of God .. Australia will survive & succeed because … IMMANUEL … God bless Australia 24/7 Amen ..!! .


  23. Robyn Whitson says:

    The Lord is still in control, but we need to stand united in His Name and come against pornography that is being thrust upon our children and grandchildren.


  24. Gerard Drew says:

    Dear Canberra Declaration keep up the good work. However, I have one concern. When Christian lobby groups argue their position on various issues, such as the so called ‘Safe Schools Coalition Program’, it seems to me that we argue mainly on a secular level. I not saying it doesn’t happen, but I can’t remember anyone on the media arguing the Christian position from the word of, by proclaiming the word publicly. I fear that we mainly argue from reason and rational rather than publicly standing on the word of God. I would love to hear someone say publicly, that the ‘Safe Schools Coalition Program’ is wrong because God’s word says it’s wrong, and then publicly back it up with scripture. I know for sure that the more we proclaim God’s word, the more we will be ridiculed by the media and the LGBTIQ lobby; but so be it.

    Yours sincerely, in His service together.


  25. Margaret Muir says:

    Will be praying for you. Thank you for being our voice to the Government. God is in control and we will pray to open heaven. Bless you.

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  26. Amy Scardina says:

    We know that we have an enemy,so in THE NAME OF JESUS we take authority and come against his work and lies.We ask THE LORD to send HIS Angels to do the war for Australia and keep our Nation a Christian Heritage IN JESUS NAME.

    Yours in Christ

    United in your prayer.



  27. I am against homosexuality, not homosexuals. I am against car hi-jacking, not car hi-jackers. I am against murder, not murderers. I am against gossip, not gossipers. I am against adultery, not adulterers. I am commanded to love the sinner, and – according to 1 Corinthians 13 – love is patient, kind not puffed-up, not envious, not proud, … always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres; love never fails. I pray that God will give me this kind of love, because I can’t love with my own love.



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