National Day of Prayer & Fasting

16478936568_85405081d6_z (1)What a wonderful event the National Day of Prayer & Fasting 2015 was.

Here are some highlights in photos and YouTube.

QLD Day of Prayer & Fasting
Illawarra Day of Prayer & Fasting
National Day of Prayer & Fasting – Canberra

Here are the 6 TV Programs for the 40 Days of Delight produced by Trinity Broadcasting Network Pacific. Matt Prater interviews different team members and others involved in the NDOPF. Parts of the 6 hour Prayer Service are replayed in each program.

Program 1 – Focus on State pre-events with Wes Leake and Jason Rawlings
Program 2 – Focus on Canberra Declaration with David and Marilyn Rowsome
Program 3 – Focus on 40 Days with Sue Tinworth and David Tensen
Program 4 – Focus on Christian Heritage with Graham McLennan and Kelvin Crombie
Program 5 – Focus on Revival and Transformation with Chinese Team and Lyle Shelton
Program 6 – Focus on National Repentance Service

Six updates were released before the event

DESTINY Update 6 11 February 2015
DESTINY Update 5
  27 January 2015
DESTINY Update 4 19 December 2014
DESTINY Update 3 21 October 2014
DESTINY Update 2 26 September 2014
DESTINY Update 1  7 August 2014

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 is 7 February, 2016  from 10 am – 4 pm
in Canberra and around Australia

and will be followed by
through Lent, 10 February – 20 March

The theme for 2016 is 


You can go to
for more details

Other Activities of National Day of Prayer & Fasting

Billion Souls Revival Prayer Call 2013

  • The NDOPF Team initiated this Global 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting from 6 August to 13 September.
  • Many from different nations joined in this event. You can read more and see the 40 posters here.

Pray USA

In 2013 Jeff Daly of National Day of Repentance rallied others to pray for us in Australia during our National Day of Prayer & Fasting. We were challenged to pray for them in their event on 30 April. We acknowledged also the National Day of Prayer and its ministry of calling the nation to pray on 1st Thursday of May. So over the last 3 years we have linked these events and called the world to pray for the USA on and between these events. You can read more at

Pray USA 2015
Pray USA 2014
Report of Pray USA 2013


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